Through a Lens Darkly

The physical and emotional responses to grief can be as heart wrenching as the loss itself.  So where does a person turn for answers and encouragement in a time of dispair, doubt and fear?  


Anyone facing personal devastation can find a path to healing and hope in this inspirational and informative film.

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Fight 4 Life Fitness and Boxing

"Give an inner city kid a fighting chance!"

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Fight 4Life uses the fitness and boxing program to teach self discipline, self confidence and physical fitness through programs such as Tutoring, Mentoring, Bible sessions, and Fellowship services.

No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.”

-C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed


Circle of Friends  is a ministry of mentoring and encouraging women in  leadership, relationships and developing their God given potential.  Click the Circle of Friends link to read the latest blog and to learn more about creating your very own Circle of Friends!


"You Have

a Place to Belong."




Through A Lens Darkly

Grief, Loss and C.S Lewis



Project Hannah is a ministry of TWR, offering compassion, encouragement and hope to suffering women worldwide through prayer, awareness and radio programming.

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Speaking Hope


the World!

Call on Me, I will show you great and Mighty things! - Jesus


Project Hannah is joining with The JESUS Film Project to expand the reach of "Magdalena" with a new 15-minute radio program. Created using the audio of the "Magdalena" film and the content of its companion Bible study, this audio program will be a powerful discipleship tool for Project Hannah’s global ministry to women.